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Silicon LED flexible neon light tube development trend

Current stage and development trend: LED flexible neon light (silicone extrusion)

Around 2015, there appeared a waterproof lamp strip for the silicone extrusion process in the market, which provided a new production process for the manufacture of LED flexible silicone neon lamps. Due to the fatal defects of PVC materials: there are irritating odor, anti-yellowing, and easy to break, the market appears to replace PVC with silica gel, producing LED flexible silicone neon lights. Silicone has many advantages that PVC does not have: environmental protection non-toxic, high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti-UV yellowing, soft and flexible, long life, good light transmittance.......... LED flexible silicone neon light Alternative LED flexible PVC neon is only a matter of time

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